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Citric acid production by Yarrowia lipolytica SWJ-1b using corn steep liquor as a source of organic nitrogen and vitamins


Citric acid (CA) is a key intermediate in the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle, and the compound is abundant in fruits such as lemons or apples. CA is one of the most commonly used organic acids in industries. Almost 70% of the total production of CA is used in the food industry. To date, the global demand for CA is mainly met by fermentative processes. Different strains of filamentous fungi, which are mostly Aspergillus niger strains, are the main species used for the large-scale fermentative production of CA from molasses, sucrose, or glucose. However, the production of CA with the use of fungi is associated with the accumulation of significant amounts of solid and liquid waste. Thus, this mode of production adds to environmental pollution and is also associated with increased costs. Yeasts species of Yarrowia lipolytica are considered safe and can produce a wide spectrum of organic acids, including CA, from various carbon sources. The bioprocess for CA production with Y. lipolytica has several advantages compared with the Aspergillus process, including a larger spectrum of substrates, lower sensitivity to low dissolved oxygen concentrations and heavy metals, genetic and mechanical stability, and less health hazards. The fermentation cost is a critical factor for the industrial production of CA, and the nitrogen source is a necessary ingredient in the medium. Results suggest that CSL could be used as an alternate source of organic nitrogen to replace the more expensive yeast extract in CA production by Y. lipolytica SWJ-1b. Furthermore, CSL could stimulate the rates of substrate uptake and improve CA yield. These results indicate the potential application of CSL for low-cost CA production on a commercial scale. The following figure shows the fermentation reactions in production of CA.



Author: Dr. Armin Fashi

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